Hi! We're Angie & Matt. Welcome!

Our Story

We have just celebrated our 6th year of being together and, 3 years into our journey, we decided to start a business. Angie had already been successful in her own business – running her own beauty salon. Matt trained and worked as a primary school teacher before finding a passion for film and photography. Angie soon caught the camera bug and thus our new company was created!

We have been so lucky to have been a part of so many wonderful weddings ranging from castles, barns, farms, fields and lakes! We’ve  had an absolute blast!  But we’re only just getting started…

This is Angie. She is always positive, happy and looks for the best in everyone. She loves dogs and even creates custom-made pet portraits in her spare time. 

Interesting facts about Angie:

  • She is a great baker and even won a competition to cook for a Great British Bake Off winner!
  • She won an award for best new business after setting up her beauty salon back in 2015.
  • She loves the US office.
  • Her favourite drink is Pink Gin and Tonic.
  • The next place on her bucket list is Bali.


Camera Operator - Head of Humour

This is Matt. Founder of the company in 2017 when it was originally named Matthew Handley Films (Original I know). The quiet half of Angie and Matt, he likes nothing more than a cuppa and some chocolate! 

Interesting facts about Matt: 

  • Matt spent a year living in the US, working as a ‘soccer’ coach. 
  • He has also worked as a teacher and chef.
  • Matt has a BSc Honours in Sport Science.
  • He also loves The US Office…
  • His favourite drink is Disaronno & Coke
  • The next place on his bucket list is Canada. 


Camera Operator - Jurassic Park Lover

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